Useful of Coconut tree

I’m going to tell u about a tree. A tree that give various type of product and various type of services to people. We call it coconut tree.
 commonly this tree give us the product of coconut.  When we scraped the coconut we can use the coconut powder for cooking. After the cooking we can get that used powder for making some items. And also we can use that powder for cleaning our floor. It is a good media of cleaning.
After getting the coconut powder out now we have the two pieces of polkatu.  We can use to make music instruments from polkatu. We can also make small gift items by polkatu.
After scrapping the coconut we get the shell of that coconut. From that shell we can use to make fiber strings from that. Also we can make coir products like mattresses, fiber items, Coir or Coco peat, Coconut - Crushed Husks ,Granules , Mulch, Chips, Buffered Coir with plant Nutrients, Coir Grow bags , Grow Slabs, Erosion Control Products , Geo Textiles , Coir Nettings , Geo Bags ,Pond Bags , Fascines, Coconut mattress fibers.
From the coconut leaves poor people use to make roof cover for their small houses. They cut the coconut leave into a two pieces and wives the leaves for their style. And use to cover the roofs.
From the coconut tree we can make woods for the roofs. It is a very expensive product.
Useful of Coconut treeUseful of Coconut treeUseful of Coconut treeUseful of Coconut treeUseful of Coconut treeUseful of Coconut tree