Go green – deal with the green world

One good way of checking the blistering heat is by having your own little floral expanse in your garden. A Dubai municipality horticulture specialist provides some tips on how to go about it.

Select a nursery that you can get all the knowledge of this. But not only the plants. Get know about soil manure and seeds.

During summers you can grow seeds propagated flowering plants such as zinnia and grafting flowers like celosia and gumfrina, shrubs like bovugenvilla and hibiscus, or even tree like the Gilmour, neem, and possums.

For free and shrubs purchase the sapling from the nursery remove from pot and transplant in your garden. 

While doing so, select the shadiest area of the garden and dig a pit that has a length, breadth and depth of one meter each, then fill it in with sweet water soil.

Mix about 6.25 kg of organic fertilizer and plant the sapling.

Irrigate the soil twicearly morning and late at night. Avoid washing the leaves or watering during the day as this might burn the leaves.

You can add chemical fertilizers to your plants three times a year. And each time the quantity should not exceed more than 250 Gms.

During summers use fertilizer with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace minerals. Take care to avoid fertilizers with urea with the summer.
Go green – deal with the green world

Go green – deal with the green world 1

Go green – deal with the green world