Go to Seychelles for a holiday deal

Seychelles is comparable to the image of Paradise, and so if you? Re planning to visit one of the islands, this is probably a main attraction for you – and understandably indeed. There are powder white beaches galore, so it’s hard to highlight just a few, but for the sake of giving a couple of examples, Anise Victorian beach on the island of Frigate is fairly stunning. Take a stroll through the island forests to uncover this beautiful beach, where you can have a go at a number of water-sports from snorkeling to scuba diving, and then enjoy a meal from a choice of two nearby beach restaurants. The Anise Source daren’t beach on the island of La Digul is also pretty enchanting, and with lots of reef in the water, it makes for a good safe swimming sport for children and adults alike. Not to mention the impressive large boulders, great for climbing on.

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And you don’t have to limit yourself to one island on your stay either. When planning a luxury holiday to the Seychelles, one may be inclined to think that relaxation could turn to boredom if you’re staying on the same island for two weeks, alternating between the pool and the beach. You can travel between islands, and visit five or so in one trip. Mash? Is the largest island of the lot, and is the only one with an international airport, but you can journey from island to island via a smaller aircraft. Every island is different, and this will give you a better rounded view of the Seychelles! Alternatively you could hire a car whilst away, and travel the open roads to find your own private beach within your island. Take a picnic and your beach bag and enjoy exploring a new place.
Go to Seychelles for a holiday deal

Amongst other great activities on offer in the Seychelles are diving, horse riding on the island of La Digul, walking tours on Mash? and golf on the island of Praline. And let’s not forget where you could stay. The Seychelles is speckled with a variety of accommodation to suit all, from luxury hotels to self catered villas with private pools.

Whichever island you choose and wherever you plan to stay, the Seychelles is a luxurious location offering picturesque beaches, five star accommodations and a myriad of activities and days out, making it the perfect place for a truly special holiday.

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