Kitchen tips – Deal with kitchen

  • You must remove the stems of the green chilies before you store them in the fridge, to prevent them from turning red. Interestingly, the vitamin C in a green chili is higher than in an orange.
  • Lettuce must not be cut with a knife. It should be torn up by hand. And surprisingly, a sour grapefruit can be made to seem sweeter with a sprinkling of salt.
  • Kathurumurunga is one of the richest sources of calcium among vegetables, and gotukola is a rich source of iron. Murunga leaves and passion fruit leaves are rich in iron and calcium. Parsley is a rich source of vitamin C. Incidentally there is more flavored in the stalks than in the leaves. Onion has high sulphur content. Celery purifies the blood and has a high content of magninesium and iron. Spinach is noted for its strong iron content and blood purifying qualities.
  • When making a Keera mellung the leaves should be cut just at the moment of cooking, so that the vitamins remain. Cutting of the leaves starts the deterioration of the Vitamins. Scraped coconut is always added to a mallung because it helps to make the vitamins in the leaves more absorbed to the body. A protein like Maldives fish is also add to make the nutrients more absorbed. So all mallung and sambols should always be made fresh.
  • Fresh pineapple and it’s just must be scalded before using in gelatin, because of an enzyme action which prevent stiffening. So remember to cook the pine if you are using it in a cold pudding with gelatin.
  • When making mashed potatoes, add a spoon r two of hot milk rather than cold milk. His makes it fluffy. Add a bit of margarine and salt and pepper to taste. One stipule of sugar added to every pound of potatoes makes a world of difference. The taste of the sugar is indistinguishable.
  • Did you know the gelling power of the agar agar (china moss) is destroyed if it is heated with even a small amount of anything acid?
  • Overripe bananas should not be eaten by diabetics as they are high in sucrose. Also it is better to say researchers, not to have bananas after dinner, and to eat them, instead, in the morning.
    Kitchen tips – Deal with kitchen
  • When pork is cooked, serve an angunukola mallung along with it, so that all the bad effects of the fat of pork are negated by the bitter leaf. Also never serve pork and curd at the same meal.
  • Manioc must always be cooked in an open pan, never covered. After cooking, drain off the water. It can’t be pressure cooked. Don’t use ginger in the same meal.
  • Cooking breadfruit with spinach is beloved to negate the “heatless” of the curry. Similarly, murunga leaves are added to crab curry to reduced the heaty effects if the crab.
  • Murunga  seeds have the ability to absorb poison in your system. Pumkinkg seeds are rich in zinc. Rhubarb leaves must never be eaten as they contain a dangerous amount of oxalic acids.
  • Oil fish like tuna, salmon, herrings and sardines are rich in omega fish oils, as are small fish like hurullo and salayo.
    Kitchen tips – Deal with kitchen
  • Rabutan is not suitable for those who are susceptible to throat infections. It is better not to bite open the outer skin. Use knife to cut it open, as otherwise, you may be ingesting the chemical that have been sprayed on it.
  • Mangosteen, grapefruit, amberella, seen kekiri and both varieties of jambu, the red and the white, are good for diabetics. Karavilla is additional to containing a high amount of vitamins, has the effect of reducing blood sugar levels.
  • Tripe gets tough unless cooked slowly over low heat for a long time.  A pressure cooker is ideal. Liver and kidney get tough unless cooked quickly over high heat. Liver, if over done, becomes rock hard. Brain should be cooked immediately it is bought. Kidneys should be parboiled and rinsed before cooking to remove their alkaline flavor.
  • When using cauliflower or broccoli, always first break it up into floweritters and soak in salted water for about 15 minutes. Any worms and dirt will be dislocated.

  • If you are steaming yesterday’s rice in the microwave for today’s lunch, remember to sprinkle a few drops of water over it, So that the steam will make the rice fluffy. The same applies when re-steaming pittu, stringhoppers and thosai. And another tip. Never stand in front of the Microwave when it is on.
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