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Painting candles

You don’t need to be an artist to be able to paint a candle. The process is really simple. You will need a candle, some acrylic paints. A candle medium (to mix the paint) rubbing spirit, sponge and soft and rough brushes.

Select a white candle. So the color can be open in white areas. You can get true colors you like. The color used area teal green, pine green, moss green (for the foliage) white (for flowers) and brown and yellow (for the centre).


Clean the candle rubbing spirit to remove the waxy film------------ see pic 1

Mix each of the green shades of acrylic paints with candle medium in a 50-50 ratio -----see pic2

Dip the sponge into each of the shades using different parts of a corner for each shade. Dab it on a tile to blend the shades and work off the excess paint -----see pic 3

Holding the candle in one hand, begin sponging the blended green paints along the base upwards, until halfway creating an uneven level, like real foliage. Wait for five minutes until the paint dries. --------
-see pic 4

Using a white chalk or chalk pencil, trace out the flowers in the foliage. Take yellow, brown and white paints; mix each with candle medium as before. --- see pic 5

painting candles
Load the soft brush with white paint, trace the outside edge of the petals, and then fill it with in paints.
Load the yellow paints on to the rough brushes, dab the centre of the flower. Wipe off paint, load the brown paint, and work it on the edges of the yellow. Do all the flowers in this way. --- see pic 6

To create leaves, wash the soft brush, load the teal green and moss green, and create leaves with darker shades in the edges and moss green in the centre. Create as many leaves as you like in this way. Leave to dry.
Paint whatever design you fancy, using the same method. Basic dots, lines, or abstracts are some choices.


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