Healthy numbers

Remember these numbers, as they hold the key to good health. Illustrates five numbers that, if sincerely practiced, will ensure a healthy body and mind for many years to come.
Good health can be ached by the numbers. Its work to help people gets fit and stay fit. Washington University medical school’s pregame in physical therapy says

  • The four types of fitness
  • Five parts of the body that need looking after
  • Keep good health in mind seven days a week.
  • Sixty minute of activity a day

Ninety – the number of years you plan to live from this day forward.
If you are over 16 years old and you care that you have subsequent. Birthday, then you are on your way to caring that you remain functional. Those things that are going to keep you healthy – your bones, your heart, your muscles, your immune system. They’re mostly useful when you are not the person who has to dial 911 when you can’t get off the floor later in life. This helps you live a lot longer and be functional in the future. 

The fitness four

Cardiovascular endurance

Healthy numbers
This means you can move for a long period of time, 

Strength – You need to be strong, not just fit. Strength carries positive benefits, such as avoiding diseases such as osteoporosis. Woman is more at risk of osteoporosis than others.

Flexibility - As you age, you will stiffer up unless you keep yourself flexible. If you keep yourself flexible you will remove more easily in older age.

Balance - The one you never think of is that poor balance can be improved with practice, and can cause you to fall. There’s higher incidence of falling among people over 55. And what not been published is there’s a higher incidence of people falling who are obese. Balance is useful for a variety of reason. Step over something, one foot is raised over something that balances.

Healthy numbers

Healthy numbers

Five body parts
The five body parts to watch over are two arms, two legs and the middle, or trunk. The trunk is what needs the most attention. Everyone has six pack abs, they are just covered up. Keep in mind core strengthening. This part you care about, because your abdominal are what hold your guts in, protect you from back pain. Working correctly with back muscle enables you to rotate side to side, so you too can watch the child running across the street.

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