Mazda6 sport wagon

Mazda motor co. practices “zoom –zoom” – a corporate theology based on the belief that good cars have souls. It is faith that elevates cars and their various derivatives above the state of ordinary, placing them into a state of desire. This is important. Ordinary cars languish in the retail domain of poor sales, from which they are freed only through indulgence, or commercial prayers otherwise known as customer rebates. 

Truly ordinary cars, those absolutely devoid of anything that sparks buyer passion, often are beyond salvation. They frequently are banished to the land of no sales and eventual oblivion. Desirable cars, those that have that special something, that which Mazda calls zoom – zoom, or motorized soul, have the power to convert consumers, popularize models previously considered losers, and thus move markets.

Consider the recent test car, the 2004 Mazda6 sport wagon. In the BZZ world, it might have been sold as a “station wagon” and treated as such in the marketplace. It would have been ordinary – a family hauler stemming from a blossoming family, thus requiring the purchase of a four-wheeled haul the offspring. But the AZZ (after zoom-zoom) Mazda6 sports wagon takes a different approach. It’s very name “sport” signals a call to action, a challenge to abandon the stationary life, an invitation to get out there, by golly, and drive. Let us consider the matter of signage, or signature, first. Signs in the automobile industry must have strong emotional appeal. The buying faithful, or prospective commercial converts, must be able to look at a car’s badge and know exactly what it means and promises.

More important, in the matter of automobile signage, buyers must be able to look at a car’s body and know instantly, without ever looking at the badge, which company makes that car. That instant recognition, if successful, should yield instant joy and desire. At the very last it should arouse potentially acquisitive curiosity.

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