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Cure a headache without a pill

Every times you sense that dull pounding in your head; you reach out for that bottle of pills. Holistic therapist, of a Jeremiah center found that there are other ways to cure one

  • Diagnose what is causing the headache. Stress, tension, anger or ingesting alcohol and spicy foods trigger off certain types of headaches. Drinking water (three liter of fresh spring water a day) helps the body get rid of toxins. Water acts as a good antidote to such headaches. 

  • Eating jalapenos or horseradish or inhaling oils like peppermint, eases off sinus headaches.

  • Food stagnation in the body due to eating bedtime or consumption of spicy food may cause headaches too. Aloe Vera juice and acupressure helps in this case.

  • Ginger, garlic and onions helps get rid of headaches caused by infections like flu, cold or cough.

  • Deficiency headaches often accompanied by fatigue are caused by an undersupply of blood to the tissues and are common in women. Long-term use of herbs like dong quarry, red clover and Angus castes are recommended. (Available locally)
Magnetic field therapy can be used to treat migraine headaches.

Cure a headache without a pill
Cure a headache without a pill
Cure a headache without a pill



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