Tie and dye scarves

It is easy and fun to make colorful designs of fabric using the tie and dye technique. Best result is obtained on 100 per cent white cotton items.

Remember – if tie and dyeing colored fabric, remember the color rules – blue dye on yellow fabric will give a green result.

You will need

 1.  Dyes (nylon cold water dye is available locally in powder from). This can be mixed  with water to obtain the dyes if desired intensity. 

2.  White / light colored cotton or silk fabric cut in the required size. You can also use 60-40 cotton polyester mix. 

3.  White thread for tying. 

4.   Rubber gloves. 

5.  Glass bowls and a brush for mixing colors 

6.   Tissues.


Prepare the dye by following instructions on the pack

Hold the cloth taut from the centre and tie thread tightly about 2’’ from the centre. Tie one more knot and repeat the same for the number of color that you will be using to die. Two knots for two colors and three for three and so on.

Dip the centre of the scarf up to the first knot in the lightest color for about a minute and leave it to dry. When fully dried, dip the portion from the first knot to the second in the in the darker colored dye and repeat the same procedure for the other knots using the darkest color at the end.

Open the knots when the cloth has fully dried. The tied portion will have white streaks and the other sections will have color in circular bands. You can color the remaining cloth or leave it as it is.

Tie and dye

Tie and dye

Tie and dye

Tie and dye

Tie and dye