Chris Gayle not participated in SLPL

The day after tomorrow (11th of August) will start the SLPL.  This cricket event has many players all around the world. But the most demand (higher offer) player is Chris Gayle from west indies team. Chris Gayle informed that he is not participating on the SLPL in the last moment.

Chris Gayle talking about not participating is the mach between New Zealand and West Indies these days. This is the second test mach was played in the Jamaica. Will playing this test mach Chris Gayle has injured.
Chris Gayle said that this injured was first happen in the mach Bangladesh premier. And he played the next mach with this injury in South Africa 20-20.

Chris Gayle was sell to Uva next team in Srilanka for one hundred thousand US Dollars. But anyway Chris Gayle has sign the contract for 3 years for the Uva next team in Srilanka. So he said that he like to play the matches going to held in 2013 and  2014. This information is from the Uva next team manager Thushar Beed.  At the begining the management of the Uva team has named Chris Gayle for the captancy. But he do not want to be.

The opening ceremony of the SLPL is held on tomorrow (10th August) . They planed Max pries sing the opening song with Chris Gayle. Suddenly it has changed, because the injured of Chris Gayle.

Anyway SLPL was going to start 11th of August 2012.

Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle