Olympic Watch Fine to Yohan Blake

This year Olympic best runner is Hussein Bolt. He got the gold medals for the 100M and 200M. In the mean time his friend Yohan Blake get the silver medals for that events. Yohan Blake is Jamaica man. Hussein Bolt and Yohan Blake are the same country. Hussein and Yohan get training for together but these men's are against to each other. But this story not about them.

This story is about Yohan Blake. He face a watch fine for the Olympic events. Now he have to pay for the government because the watch that he wearing is not legal.

Olympic events have some rules about the sponsors. The players can't wear what they like because they have to wear costumes with the badge of the main sponsor.

This year Olympic players have a main sponsor for the watches. The sponsor of the watches is the world famous watch company call "Omega".But Yohan wear a watch from some other company. That's why he face to this watch fine.

After finishing the 100M and 200M Yohan got silver medals for those two events. After sometimes the Omega company check the photos of that 2 events and complained that the watch Yohan had wear is not from the omega company.

According to the contract between the Omega company and the Olympic committee, Omega company has complained about the Yohan's watch.
After this complained, the Olympic committee has search about this and find that Yohan Blake has break the rules of the Olympic event. And they fine to Yohan and did not decide how much Yohan has to pay.
Olympic Watch Fine to Yohan Blake

Olympic Watch Fine to Yohan Blake