SLPL news about the Bloodshed

This information is about the match that was played at the last Saturday.

The match was held at the R. Premadasa Ground at Colombo.

This match was between the Hurunui Royal’s team and the Western team.

The batsman is Western team player Rilee Rossaw from the South Africa.

Baler is Ruhunu royal’s team player Lasith Malinga from Sri Lanka.

Once Lasith Malinga sends a bouncer ball to Rilee Rossaw and he couldn’t hit that ball from bat. When he misses the bouncer ball from the bat it slips to his face between the guards of the helmet. After that hit on the face he fell down suddenly. And he removes his helmet quick. After that we saw lots of blood coming from his face.

He stopped playing and he decline of the match for the injured. Then he sends to the hospital for the treatments. He was taken 31 runs till for that accident.

The western team gets 123 total runs for that match. And the Ruhunu Royals team won that match at the end. After that Ruhunu royal team was selected to the semi finals round.

You can see that video of that scene at the bottom of this post.

Rilee Rossew

SLPL news about the Bloodshed