Working mothers are healthier that stay at home mothers

Penn state university and Akron University do a research about mothers. They found that the working mothers are healthier than the stay at home mothers. They research 2540 mothers for getting this result. These 2540 woman’s are who mothers between 1978 and 1995 become. They have examined about mothers employment history.

Averagely those mothers are 40 years old. The mothers who stay mentally and physically health that goes to work full time after the delivery of the baby in short time. 

Professor Adrianne French said: "Work is good for your health, both mentally and physically.

The unemployed mothers are shows a lowest healthy level as an average. Mothers are who stay at home work hardly some times. But they do their dish cleaning, washing clothes or gardening etc... These mothers get some health level. But they don’t work for their full body. After sometimes they rest too much. They sit in a one place too long. They get some sleep after having their lunch at home. These are not good for their health. 

stay at home mom

working mom