A home facial

Here is a step by step guide to give yourself or your spouse a facial at home

Cleanse the face with a soap wash

Cleanse the face with a cleansing milk lotion. Wipe off with a tissue.

Dab tonic water/toner on the face

Scrub the face with an exfoliate and wash off with a wet sponge (especially if the skin has black patches)

Massage the face with cleansing milk and clean it off.

Steam the face for 10-15 minutes. To steam, you could use a vessel filled with hot water.

Wrap your fingers with tissue and remove the white (and black) heads on the face.

Cleanse with tonic water.

Apply a day or night cream


For oily and dry skins use face washes, cleansing milks and masks for sensitive skin.

A home facial

A home facial
A home facial

A home facial