Nintendo Wii U

The Wii U of the Nintendo – specifications

AMD custom radian high-definition GPU
Ethernet connection via USB dongle, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
AV multi out port
Supporting composite/components/VGA
Four USB 2.0
SD card slot – 1 no
Internal NFC sensor
HDMI 1.4 port
10.5 inches deep
6.8 inches wide
1.5 inches thick
3.4 pounds weight
Analog via AV multi-out, six channel PCM liner output via HDMI
With a compatible plastic box

Game pad specifications

Built in stereo speakers and mic
Finger or included stylus, only single input
16:9 displays, 854x 480 pixels, 6.2 inches display screen
Sensor bar and NFC support
Geomagnetic sensor

Wii U games

The WII U has so many dozens of games created. Many of them are announce or shown off for the press also they release a demo.

WII U details
  1. zombiU
  2. U game and wario
  3. Nintando land

The Nintendo says the Wii U discs  can hold 25GB of data like Blu-ray disc. Also Blu-ray or DVD support is not exepted for this gadget. This drive will support Wii U and original Wii discs.
In the future there are somany softwares and hardware has to release from the Nintendo. So all of those living room consoles will be compatible with the WiiU.

Nintendo Wii U box

Nintendo Wii U

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