Spa options

Exotic Enriching milk bath
This will moisturise your body and leave you feeling sensuouse and smelling wonderfully aromatic.

Exotic jasmine flower bath

A beautiful experience to scent and nourish your skin. The aroma of Arabian jasmine, ylang ylang, osmanthus, tea absolutes and vanilla will delight your senses.

Detox clean bath

Detoxifing treatment with juniper, sea fennel, sea buckthorne and lemon essensial oils, which help reduce water retention. Powder seaweed in the bath help,s activate the body natural drainage system leaving you refreshed and maybe even a little slimmer.

Warming ocean bath

A powerful combination of maritime pine and rosemary essential oils and spray dried algae are added to the deluxe hydro-bath. water gets gently nassage the body, leaving you relaxed, warm, and free of aches and pains. excellent for after gym workout.

Colour therapy baths

All of the above baths duouble as colour therapy trate. Depending on the guest needs, the water in the whirlpool bath reflects the colour to soothe calm and work on a more therapiutic level.

Helps reduced water retentionand assists the function of the spleen. lt is antiseptic and helps detoxity.


It increases blood circulations, lift mature energiese and enhanses skin healing.

Energiese muscle activated the lymphatic system, cleanses, and detoxifill.

Clear the mind and protects and concentration. It also awaken the senses.

Helps body balance, refreshes and comferts

Reduce inflamation and has a calming and anti-bacteria effect

Spa options

Spa options

Spa options

Spa options