Weight loss tips

We advice yoga as a wonderful stabilizer. In matter of food, we suggest people avoid eating acid producing foods like pickle, chutney, chillies, lemon, orange, pineapple and fried food. Also eating quickly without chewing food properly is a not good practice, digestion is slowed down and by the time food is broken down, it is time for another meal. The stomach gets very little rest.

Putting your head down on a table and relaxing your mind on a while does lots of good. After all a human brain can work at a certain pace and take only a certain amount of load. It’s the doctor who, instead of simplifying illness, has complicated it. In my opinion a patient thought to know about his/her own health. It may make doctors redundant, but then there would be fewer queues in hospitals.

The most common everyday disease, or rather problem, as the doctors pts icy, is fatigue, which does not figure in official statistic of any health surveys. Fatigue can be a result of improper diet. Having desert or sandwiches and pizza at night should be avoided as the former energize the body when it needs to wind down and the latter makes a person feel tired. Thus, lack of sleeps and late nights cause a lot of digestive problems.

Weight loss tips one by one

Unless you have a hormonal problem, achieving optimum weight is mostly a matter of reducing stomach acidity and being careful about what you eat at night. This also helps in keeping your energy and vitality high. Your body will then take care of the weight by itself. Eating large late night dinners almost always causes weight problems.

Eat slowly - The slower you eat the better your digestion.

Eat moderately at breakfast, make lunch the biggest meal of the day and eat a light dinner finish by 8 p. m. at the latest.

Avoid fruits and desserts after dinner.

Eat a light dessert 45 minutes after lunch and eat fruit in between meals.

Start a diet with a cleansing day where all you consume is plain water, non-citrus fruit juices and carrot or cabbage soup.

Repeat this cleansing day weekly at first and then make it a monthly habit.

If you have a lot of weight to lose, or want faster results, avoid fats, oils, butter, red meat and shellfish for a recommended period of time.

Eat a good lunch but confine dinner to soups and low-fat salad.

Weight loss tips

Weight loss tips

Weight loss tips

Weight loss tips