Hand facial

What is it?
An additional or exclusive deluxe facial for the hands, moisturizes and exfoliates the skin.

Once a month is ideal

Will it work for me?
The hand facial is ideal for almost any one of any age. However do keep in mind to make time for the treatment to really enjoy the benefits.

Complete relaxation after a month of hand work

Time consuming.

Hand facial – Step by step

  • This can be an additional treatment to your manicure or just as a quick way to invigorate yourself.
  • A luxurious scrub is massaged in till the elbow to remove dead skin.
Hand facial - dealarrow
  • The scrub is removed with a warm towel that also relaxes the hand.
  • A deep nourishing mask is applied.
  • Plastic is wrapped to lock in the moisturizing benefits.
  • A comfort mitt that is heat activated is placed over the plastic for 15 minutes to ensure maximum absorption.
  • After removing that mitt and the treatment products, the hands are massaged with a hand cream.

Hand facial - dealarrow

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