Silk nail extension

Whether you are drumming the counter top as you wait for your cash to be totaled or daintily picking up the crab claw to savor it, you need to have your nails done if your hands are to make a statement of style. Dealarrow introduce some techniques.

What is it?
It’s a silk extension that is used on the nail. All the rage in U.S they are much more natural and are great for people who have never had nail extension and would like to try them. In comparison to acrylic nails, they are much gentler on the nails as they protect the nail and help it grow.

To care for the extensions and make them last, nail oil should be massaged in every night to condition the nails and to maintain the silk. Also, it is important to use an acetone-free polish only.

Will it work for me?
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Silk extensions are suitable for most types of women and lifestyles. “I have three kids (and hence a hectic lifestyle) and I have not had a problem,” says owner of the nails station Dubai. However if you are extremely athletic, it is still best to opt for acrylic.


Treat and protect the nail while still looking ultra glamour’s.

They are not as strong as acrylic.

Step by step – Silk extension

Silk nail extension -
  • Basic manicure is given to prepare the nails for the extension.
  • Cuticles are carefully treated to protect the nails.
  • Resin is used as an adhesive to bond the silk.
  • Pieces of silk are measured and cut according to size.
  • The silk is then sealed in.
  • Nail extensions are customized to fit individual nails.
  • Extension is then cut to suit your lifestyle.
  • All rough edges are buffed to create a smooth finish.
Silk nail extension

Silk nail extension - dealarrow