To get the homework done

This simple act of getting a child to do his or her homework is almost every parent’s nightmare. Dealarrow blog gives parents a few guidelines to make this activity a happy chore for both them and their children.

What do you have to do?

Stay involved with homework and monitor after school activities

Remember that a helping a child with homework is a team effort. It is very easy for an adult to be dismissive of a child’s effort or take over by doing the homework.

Have a bulletin board to increase communication. Communication should not be merely directive, but friendly and fun.

Find out where is your child is more comfortable. For instance, some prefer white noise like that of a fan, AC or even music in the background.

Setup a daily consistent routine to be followed after school.

St a homework time

Intersperse short homework period activities. For example, 20 minutes math’s followed by 10 minutes of computer games, followed by reading for 30 minutes. Etc.

Use reward and encouragements
To get the homework done

Provide assistance depending on your child’s ability, independence level and age.

Provide extra tutorials if your child need it.

Adapt assignment to maximize your child’s strengths. For an example, if your child has reading problems, do not force him or her to read history – he or she might hate history and reading. Rather, help by reading it out and then letting him or her do the questions.

Help by organizing work. The includes helping to get started, prioritizing, ensuring he or she understands direction and teaching to highlight important information.

What do you doesn’t have to do

Resort to excessive corrections. Remember, learning occurs in a safe environment where children don’t need to defend their actions, strategies or opinion. Instead, be sensitive when providing feedback. A safe rule of thumb is to provide three compliments for each correction.

Deny an important one tome event like a close friend’s birthday party on the pretext of homework.

Avoid criticizing or comparing.   

To get the homework done

To get the homework done