Learn to swim and be in the swim

Swimming gives a great body workout. Below are a few suggestions from coaches.

Swim at least thrice a week. As with most activities, the more you do it the better you get as it.

Take classes. And just because you failed to learn in previous classes doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try again. A new environment may be just what you need. Even experienced swimmers can learn something new with additional classes.

Join a team. Working out with a team will help you improve techniques and speed. In addition to learning from the coach, you will learn from other swimmers. Again, pools and swim clubs are great places to look for a team. Meet the coach in advance to make sure your goal – swimming better – is in line with his or her goals – winning trophies.

Focus on technique then speed.

Wear proper swimming attire. Ideally, attire made for competitive swimming. A well fitted suit is more comfortable and easier to swim in than, for example, a baggy T shirt and gym shorts. It also lasts a long time.

Vary your strokes. While freestyle maybe your best stroke, adding bread stroke workouts gives different muscles a workout and you’re likely to get better at that stroke as well.

Compare yourself to yourself, not the swimmer in the next lane. Go at a pace that’s comfortable for you and build from there, using your starting point as the gauge for your progress.

Occasionally use flippers or fins. They may help you feel what a better body position feels like and strengthen muscle.

Relax and enjoy the water.
Learn to swim and be in the swim

Learn to swim and be in the swim

Learn to swim and be in the swim