How to charge your laptop battery correctly

Now a day’s laptop is a common gadget in the all around the world. Tablet is the new tech that moving fast against the laptop. But the office workers and games lovers still use laptops for their works. The main problem is about the laptop, the battery lifetime does not exist long last. It has to change very quickly.

When you do lots of work in your laptop same time the battery will death within 3 hours. Anyway a new laptop battery can use by the owner for 1 or 2 years. 

We are going to discuss how to laptop battery a long time with saving it. If you read the title of this post correctly you will find the answer. Yes it is true that you plug the battery to charge for a long time your battery will get upset soon. This is the main reason why the battery has to change so quickly. So why that is keep reading this article continuously.

The battery that you have in your laptop is made by lithium iron. This type of battery has good advantages. So lithium is an element not a gas, first remember that. Lithium is the most powerful element ever. So that’s why they use lithium battery for tablet, phone, laptop etc...
It has advantages but yes also it has disadvantages also. The main thing is it is very heating material. So it can be easily inflamayable. It is a highly inflamayable element. So if your gadget has lithium battery please does not let the battery full death or do not let the battery to be fully charged. That’s why all the laptop has that option that the battery charging will goes to 5% it will automatically hibernate. If you accidently charge the battery full, don’t let it to be like that for 2 or 3 days. 

The battery university company also agrees to these terms. They said that the battery will charged fully it will work 300 – 500 turns. But the battery that charged 40% - 80% will long last for 1200 – 1200 turns.