Easy 5 homemade face cleanser

To clean your face with a natural way. Also you get a shining and clean face.

Main problem of woman’s these days are how to remove make up and dirt from face. Even males are having same problem these days. We can provide a natural receipt for you to clean your face. You are lucky because you can find lots of brands of cleansers are in the market these days. But the cleansers in the market have lots of side effects that you didn’t even think about. 

Now today we will go to discuses about a natural cleanser. How to make a natural cleanser in your home with no side effects. From this natural cleanser you can remove the germs and dirt on your hands, feet and your face. Also it helps to keep the wetness of your skin.

1.Rose water

Put some rose petals to exhausted water cup for a one day and change the rose petals to new one again. Do this changing thing for 5 days. After five days work add half tea spoon to it and dissolve. The sugar has palpable thing it change this into a moisturizer. You can use this moisturizer for 2 or 3 month with keeping this in refrigerator. This is a best solution for teenagers.

2.Cow milk

Get a cow milk bottle and shake it well. A cream made on the top of the cow milk. This cream is suitable for dry skin. The rest of Liquid you can use it for oily skin. The cow milk is an acidic type of liquid it fights with germs too. It makes normal skin to a fair skin and support to keep the Moisture of your skin.

3.Cucumber juice

Mixed some cow milk with cucumber juice. It is suitable for dry skin and normal skin types.

4.Lemon juice

Take a cup of ice water and put 8 drops of lemon juice into that ice water cup. It is suitable for the face to add. Pure lemon juice is not suitable for skin. Because it has some acids. But this mixer translates your face skin type to a fair skin type. Most suitable for oily skin types.

5.Apple juice

2 table spoons of apple juice, 2 table spoons of scraped potato juice, 1 spoon of honey, 1 table spoon of almond oil, a few drops of lemon, curd and rose water
Put all things together and make a small pack. This pack is suitable for all skin types.