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The most dangerous thing in the universe

There is much more dangerous looking in space. It’s called strange matters. Well peoples don’t know much about it. Experts are sure under particular condition this stuff may eat our planet alive. But a gasp a concept strange matter better we first need to understand protons, neutrons and neutrons stars.

So look at your hands. It’s made of tiny cells. If you start zoom in on the cells you find bunch of molecules. Keep going you notice that molecules cozies of atoms which have protons, neutrons in their nuclear. Outside of all that electrons flying around a small clouds. If you can see this close you find these particles crammed together in tiny space. In fact there enough of between them, to make you why your hand feel solid it all. But when you touch or press your handall those atoms resist the force and the harder you press more atoms stop you. But if you push really hard or you eventually force the nuclear atom together and fuse some new elements. Not at this is possible squish your hand really hard. But it can happens with a new Trans star. 

Imagine this a super powerful and massive star reaching end of its life. One of the potential scenario is that it runs out of it nuclear fuel and in a blinding burst collapses on it under gravity. If the star has been massive enough. It will produce black hole. But if it wasn’t that big. A neutron star will appear in its place. At about 10 miles across neutron star is see bitsy. We are talking about star in general. But in the same time this small space is unbelievably that’s about 1.4 time mas of the sun. It mean that just once teaspoon of neutrons star would way a staging 10 million tons.

Scientism say that one day these neutrons can get tired of holding that weight the structure keeping entire thing together collapse. This in turnLeeds to the apparent of the quark star which is even smaller and dancer than neutron star. Now let’s say the pressure inside the quark star is getting stronger. As a result things called strange quark appearance it quark. Really simply but if these strange quark are rumors enough they create strange matter which is unique and unlike any matter you find on earth. But it could be the most dangerous thing in our universe.


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