Your true intelligence that reveal for body parts

Your appearance can reveal the all darkest secrets about your health and character and even your brain power. Expert is sure that your features can tell more about your intelligent then the most difficult IO test. So let’s find out how smart you really are.

Your head

Surprisingly the big head big brain principle works perfectly fine in real life is well. But the main reason behind the way more complicated than you think. People with bigger head usually have lower voracity in their brain naturally makes it quicker of efficiently. So it’s time to stop hate the big head and be proud of it.

Your face shape

The only time we think about our face shape is when we need to get a one daring hair cut. But in reality can say a lot about personality too. Gene hainer the author of the book “The wisdom in your face” shows that the other people that heart shape face have excellent creative ability. Rectangular square and triangular face shape the more logical and success oriental. People with a diamond face shape are perfections to the quire. Oval face folks are welcoming and worm and round face peoples are all about taking care of others.

Your forehead

A big head is often a company brought by forehead. Other sign of exceptional intelligence. According to the popular chines reading of I finger forehead significe high intelligence and skills. These peoples are quick learners and don’t need any explanation and always finished have faster than everyone have. Some specialist even believes that they have the sixth sense the mysterious.

Your eyes

As it turns out the eyes are the windows not only to your soul but to your IQ level. And according to scientism blue eyes take the lead here. Just think about it tons of famouse brainiaxestevenhoking for example had beautiful deep blue eyes. So there must be some truth to this however blue eye people way more sensitive to like than other.

Your nose

Back in the nineteen century there was a very fascinating todoscientise called nosology. It’s especially basic tried to link certain character traits to the shape of the person nose. In some of their inside turned out to be kind their right or example in roman rackruly know consider to be the sign of cleverness. These peoples are great at making important good decisions. Those with straight noses on the other hand are more into fine arts.

Your lips

A couple of year ago specialist from the check republic decided to conduct a massive study. They took pictures of 40 woman’s and 40 means and ask them to take an IQ test  and trying to find solid connection looks and brain power. Unfortunately the ladies results were all over the place while the male results had couple of surprise in store. Apparently guys with thin smiling lips are big and turlectuals.

Your chin

Studies that says men don’t have square chins like the here in the big movies instead there all about neat and pointy ones. Big chine is also a big no according researches they linked with average IQ and not so quick wet.