Disappeared plane landed after 37 years

In July 2nd 1955 PAN AMERICAN FLIGHT 914 made it to way of New York to Miami Florida. It was a fine sunny day. And 57 passengers on board the plane looking forward to see the worm beaches and long trees of Florida. The plane took out without trouble but three hours later it should already to land the destination airport. It was nowhere to be seen.

Radar of the control towers Miami didn’t so an approaching airplane. And no dishrag signals were received either. When air traffic control contact to the New York tower they got a perplexing reply. Flight 914 just disappeared from the radars in mid air. Everything indicated but the plane was lost. Apart from having advantage of the radar air traffic control couldn’t get through to the pilot of the radial. The DC4 simply vanished in the thin air leaving no trace of itself or any of the people on board.

Investigations start right away. The fight root plane took the part of the Atlantic Ocean. And they see the only explanation is vanishing or it crashed somewhere along the wak. Rescue team was deploying life guards scanning the water a lot. Not a single piece of plane was to me found. Investigators could only shrug their shoulder and dismay. 61 people passenger plus the crew just blink out of its distance along with a huge fling machine. Eventually although the case was never really solved. There was an official statement the plane was crashed talking lives of everyone on board. But no one say what really happened to flight 914 until 37 years later.

Change of the scenery September 9th 1992 and now we are in caracasa venisuela. It’s a perfectly normal day Juan de la Corte the air traffic controller at the Caracas airport. He turned up the work and made some coffee and took his seat usually to overlooking flights. He was giving minor comments of the flights progress then something strange is happened. Seemingly out of nowhere a new dot appear on the radar. It was suddenly pop up an aircraft sign. Something is hiding from the radar and now start to showing up. Either way it was a strange thing to see at the Caracas cevil airport. The De la corte check the reading several time. Thinking it was first that is a mistake. But it wasn’t thou. The reading was correct and soon he and his crew able to see it with their own eyes. Less than 10 minutes a plan was shown up in the fields. But it first looks like to the traffic like an ordinary airplane. But as it got closer it can see DC old mcdonnell Douglas passenger airplane.

But that was the beginning of the weird. The pilot was in the mysterious airplane contacted the tower and asked in English “where are we”. De la corte reply “you are closing in on the carcass airport” and ask where the flight was heading. And the pilot was reply “ we are pan am flight 914 heading from new York to Miami, Florida with a crew of four and 57 passengers on board.

De la corte was shocked and start to ask few more questions “please provide more information about you!” Then the pilot was said that their flight was scheduled to land at the Miami airport at 9.55 a.m. on July 2 1955!