Things that American tourist do to confuse other countries

When you travel to U.S. to another country you mostly try your best to blend in right. When in Rome do as the romans do. But I can’t tell you how many times my friends abroad tell me about the weird……. Sorry. Funny things American tourist do. Now before you peel me with a rock I’m not saying every American tourist does this. 

Wearing sandals with socks

Americans in general don’t care in this about fashions rules. They prefer to wear that were comfortable even socks with sandals. Now if you think about it not without advantages. You getting extra comfortable cushion between the top of your feet and the sandal band. In your feet don’t get dirty.

Smiling as strangers

Now the stereo type of an American constantly walking around smiling ear to ear is far from the truth because that just be creepy. But if I hold the door for someone sharing elevator just brief eye contact with the stranger of flash quick in. it just a way that they showing we are friendly and no harm.

Asking waiters and cashiers how their doing

In US it’s totally normal that make small talk with the waiter, cashier, and receptionist anyone really. And either person usually break the eyes with a how are you today. You can answer with a fine thanks even if you are not or make a comment about the weather.

Waiting to be seated at the restaurant

Some American tourist confuse everybody by standing near the entrance and waiting to be seated. Its weird locals are embarrassing for us. Once we find out we can just take any comfortable seat.

Not understanding metric units

The US and some other few countries that haven’t switch their brain to the metric system. So let’s just how brains are wired. The same goes for asking someone how is the weather. If you tell me 23 C I’m not had a clue how harder cold that is. But that what online unit converters for.

Talking rally loud 

People from other countries usually speak in a hush voice in public places.

Wearing funny shirts

Thinking in dollars no matter where they go

Thinking everyone speaks English

Asking for tap water at the restaurant

Getting easily excited about everything