How to speed up Wi-Fi at home

So we all have moment’s feels like we will live or die by our internet connection. Whether you have a client who need the all files right away or you need to fix your fantasy line up because you start to play god hurt you before your game time.

The Wi-Fi connection in your home will either save or ruing your day. And everything your fridge to your decorations can contribute to allows connection. Let’s have a look at these common connection killers and how you can make sure all your good side watching experiences are buffer free. 

1.       The microwave

If you just bake a popcorn in your microwave the Chou down catching up on your favorite series. You may have to wait until its pop before hitting that play button. This is because both of your Wi-Fi signal and microwave oven operate on the same frequencies which is 2.4GHz.Every microwave should be properly shielded. So it doesn’t leak and radiation. But the fact is just about all of them leak electromagnetic and radio frequencies. Before you freak about your microwave leaking radiation rest or sure these frequencies are nowhere close to the ironizing radiation they can be harmful to people or pets. It’s more like a radio signal and yes your Wi-Fi signal is a radio signal. Although it’s broadcasting in a high frequency that traditional radio does. This interpierence has 2.4GHz can be cause by devices like your router, baby monitors, codeless land line phones, and just about any Bluetooth device you can think. Let’s common sources the same appearance can come from toaster ovens, heating pads, electric blanket, electric bugs harpers and touch control lighting. 

The best fix for this is to use Wi-Fi equipment they uses the 5 GHz frequencies on the eight or two one one ten network. Your router may also have a setting for auto channel. But that’s design to separate multiple Wi-Fi signals it may not work as simply using a modern router.

2.       Drones 

This is a remote control toy. Many of these toys running on 2.4GHz frequencies I just told you about. Not all models are cause interference. Some more powerful or long range devices can. Fix for this to having an updated router is just don’t play with your drone filming strangers things at the same time.

3.       Decorative lights

The same light you using decorate Christmas tree and home for a cool party. These lights have special sparking Sims that have magnetic field built inter access with various radio frequencies. So the best fix for this is just try and keep your router as far as from the light as you can.

4.       The fridge 

Is there any kitchen equipment that causing my internet? So doesn’t seem like it. And over roll is that electrical appliance is that use pipes and circulate water are not so nice to your Wi-Fi signal. This is because water has the ability to obtain energy from wireless way which can messed up your connection. So it means your clothes washer and dish washer too.

5.       Mirrors

The mirror is same reflective material that help us to check our hair. It reflect the signals are coming from the router. As a result it can also act as a kind of a shield and cause the signal to bounce out of it. If you have a mirror near the router it can make the signal slow and stable. So probably best not to put your router in the bathroom either.

6.       Brick and stones walls

If you have an apartment made of brick or stones walls probably there for a reason. You know like they make the building the most marble, cement, concrete, plaster and I already mentioned brick. This is why two story houses someone will usually have extremely weak connection on one of the floors. For fixing this problem you may place your router in a spacing area.