Important tips for new drivers from pro drivers

Let me share some of my tips with you. So that your cruising and parking in style. Ok no guaranteed on style but definitely in comfortable. Let’s start of the easy stuff. Stuff you probably take for granted or just falling into that habit of forgetting to do if you been driving for a while. Adjusting your seat. This should be the first thing to do when you getting behind the wheel. Making sure your seat is position the best way for your body may driving safer and last exhausting. You want to adjust the height of the seat so you can see the dash panel and on the road clearly. If you happen to be bit on the shoulder side you can’t see over the dash even after doing everything that seat will allowed get a cushion or wedge to sit on. Ask for a seat incline keep it about 100 – 110 degrees. I know its look super cool when you were leaning on way back like a boss. But again the safety and comfort over style folks. Headrest should be adjust so that your head right smack down the middle of it. This will help prevent the back and neck injury is on an accident.

Next is mirrors. Starting with the driver side once you seat is adjusted lean out and get as close to the side windows if you can. Then adjust the mirror until you can see the rear fender. Once you sitting correctly you should barely see the side back bumper. Moving on to the passenger side mirror here you want to stay on the driver seat and lean to your right until your head is just about the mirror just between the two front seats. Now adjust this mirror. Then you can see the back fender too. 

Important tips for new drivers from pro drivers 

Parallel parking 

First think first make sure the spot you want to park in is one your car will fit into. You want no less than on and half time of length of your car. Find a thunder spot now Drive your car forward into your car is next one in front of the parking spot. Now look over your right shoulder, look over the corner of your back window and drive backwards then a straight line. Once you can see the back of the car of in front in your parking spot turn the wheel to the right and slowly began to back your car into the space. Looking to the left side mirror when you can see the full front the car behind the spot. Now straighten up the steering wheel and back the car in a straight line. Using the right side mirror when you see the tail lights on car in front turn the steering wheel left and you should be moving the parking space. Check your nerves breath you got this right?
And park your car parallel to the curve giving the space to car in your behind to driving space. Again if your vehicle isn’t a standard size you probably need to drive a little further before you getting lined up.