Tips for falling asleep that actually works

Ok now falling asleep I get 8 hours a day. Ok when you spent the time in the Facebook or any other social media for a one hour you will think 7 hours must be ok too. Now enough of social media thing I just need to search something on Google. Oh my god I just left 5 hours to sleep now. Not again I want to sleep earlier and want to get 8 hours sleep at night but everyday this happens to me. I’m tired of this and my body get weaker and weaker by day by day.

Well I got some quick and conventional tips for you. At sleep experts swear by them. First stop trying to fall asleep. Just lying your bed just your eyes wide open challenge yourself by repeating I will not fall asleep. Our brain is not very good at processing negatives. So it will take this as a command to fall asleep instead. Now in order to drift off you need to relax right. But to relax to be feeling tense first up two into together and you got the muscle tensing method. So get comfy in your bed and start squeezing your toes then your calf’s knees steadily go all the way to your head and squeeze your head. You need tense every muscle in your head and body. It will then get more relaxed and ready for sleep. What if you’re thought keep you up at night?

 Easy get them out of your head. And write to a piece of paper. But what if you are lying on the bed and remembering the had a one conversation you had. You said something rally embarrassing and now everybody thing you weird. Sounds like you need a distraction. Try replying your day reverse. Remember every single morning to tail until you went to bed. To the second when you open the eyes this morning you may just boring enough to knock you out. Off cause also you can try to blow some bubbles too. First of all it’s a super reparativeprocess. But more importantly blowing up bubbles helps put you to sleep. Because it’s like a breathingexercise. It sort of works like the 4-7-8 breathing technique from yoga. You inhale three and mentally counting to 4 hold your breath and count to 7 finally exhale and count to 8. Deep control breathing for fast sleep whether bubbles are not your eye lids feeling like breaks just in 60 second. 

Speaking from your eyes keep them away from the clock. It stresses you out. Your cortisol level raise. Blood starts pumping faster. The body does the exact opposite that is need to get ready for sleep. Just cover the clock at knight or even move entire room. Your smart phone has the time display. So your phone also has to go. 

The blue light coming from your phone screen is keeping you up at knight. It tricking your brain to think its day time. So the TV, laptop, tablets, and smart phone they should all be turned off and keep in the cupboard. Don’t use them within 2 hours of going to bed. If