This will happen if You suddenly stop dreaming

Some dreams you don’t want to wake up from others are you don’t wish to ever dream again. But what happen you no longer dream for starters 

1 trouble learning new things

Sleep study show that the brain is still active during ram or rapid eye movement sleep. Apparently your eyes are bouncing around in your head this time but what your brain upto beside flying on a talking dinosaurs or running from whatever chasing it. The most common theory is that dreaming helps your brain store memories. In short dreams are like exercise for the brain. They keep your mind healthy. So that they can learn problem solve and analyze. If you stop dreaming you lose that valuable brain training.

2 The physical damage

Ram sleep is the deepest part of your sleep cycle when your body is getting the most beneficial rest. Ram sleep is important because this is when cells grow heal and review. If you are reaching the stage in another word you are not dreaming your body isn’t getting this replenishment you might have skin problem, weight gain, and awaken immune system and all the other unpleasant things.

3 No recharge

Idly you should wake up feeling re-energize. But you not getting ram sleep your battery isn’t getting charged. If you sleep 8 hours all night but you didn’t deep dreaming doing that time it will be you don’t sleep at all.

4 The toll on mental health

Sleep experts says that the dreams help us to solve brain process all the problems that we are stressing out. In another word dream help us blow up some mental steam. If you don’t dream you may began to suffer from mood disorders such as like sleep deprivation, mental exhaustion stress can also take a toll on physical help of a time. High blood pressure, hair fall, and joint pain the list goes on. In this case seeing a doctor is a must. 

5 Heart issues

Your heart rate will go up when you are dreaming. Because your brain doing thinking during your dream. And the brain and heart work together. 

6 Missing out on some deep therapy

Your brain uses your memory to come up with the images voices and feelings you see in your dreams. Your dream will try to piece these associations together in the way that you to easier process. If you pay attention to your dreams it will be like therapy. You would be ask what I can do when you are not dreaming. But don’t worry you probably dreaming but you just don’t remember it. The average person drams 3-5 times per night.

So we got 2 task over here improve your chances dreaming more and recalling them when you wake up. Here what you can do. Let’s start with basics. 

·         Drinking some hot caramel tea before bed.
·         Turn the electronics off.
·         Keep your bedroom silent and dark.
·         Change your mattress and pillow if it’s long overdue.

Psychological tricks
·         Before you lie down tell yourself I want to remember my dreams. Say it out loud if you have to.
·         Think of a questions that you want to answer by the dream and write it down.