Is Google Drive and Google Docs Down, Not Working ?

Users reported Google Drive, as well as Google Docs, went down, doubtless stranding various users while not access to their documents.

Reports that Google Drive and Google Docs square measure down and not operating flooded DownDetector, that had thousands of outage reports across the country. Users of the self-reporting outage detector delineated varied applications at intervals the Google Drive suite not operating, as well as the cloud presentation software package Google Slides and Google Sheets spreadsheets.

point in time on one thing i have been procrastinating on," one user reported to DownDetector.

Reports of Google Drive being down square measure significantly focused within the Northeast and therefore the geographic region of the u. s.. the bulk of complaints relating to Google Drive associate degreed Google Docs outages claim an inability to log into Google's cloud services the least bit, whereas alternative reports simply describe issues looking through their files at intervals Google Drive.

Is Google Drive and Google Docs Down, Not Working ?

The social media account for G Suite, the package of Google Cloud services, as well as Google Drive and Google Docs, acknowledged the outages, describing them as a "service disruption" and inform users to a website for additional updates.

According to Google, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides square measure all presently experiencing service disruptions. For current updates, explore Google's standing update and nosology page for Google Drive victimisation the link higher than.

however responses below the tweet urged the outage is also a additional widespread downside.

The official Google Drive account has since begun acknowledging the problem, inform users to a similar standing page:

Google Drive users haven't taken kindly to the outages, sharing their dismay at the loss of access to their files:

Combined, Google Drive serves over a billion users worldwide, whereas storing trillions of files. Google Drive presently has over 800 million daily users UN agency may be stricken by the service disruptions and period.

Google Drive users get access to fifteen GB of free storage, with extra storage offered via layer payment plans.