Kilifi boy,12, heads to Rome for grand Tolo Tolo movie launch

On the day he was scouted,  he was outside playing with friends when they saw tourists coming towards the school.

''My journey to stardom begun on March 25 this year, I was playing with friends and saw tourists coming as you know our African Behaviors we follow them upon seeing then,'' he recounted.

 To him, the tourists liked him for communicating with them in broken English which made them break into laughter.

Little did he know that it was a team of International movie makers who were scouting for a character that would fit in the movie Tolo Tolo

It was then that he said they chose him as the desired character that would fit in the part of the movie which was being shot in Kenya, Morocco, and Italy.

The Italian movie star while shooting reportedly said everyone must dive solo solo, an Italian word that means alone, but the boy shouted 'Tolo Tolo', and that is how the title was developed.

What followed next was a series of shooting in Malindi and Magarini before they proceeded to the other two countries where he and his mother stayed for three months shooting.

Locally they began shooting the film in Masheheni, Kibao Cha Fundisa, Sabaki Bridge which was the Kenyan part.

''We then traveled to Morocco then returned to Kenya in July and after Ramadhan and Idd traveled in Italia in August,'' he said.

Said a firstborn in a family of three revealed that he played so many roles in the movie and one of it was shot at the mouth of river Sabaki and the Indian Ocean during high tides.

The scene displayed a lot of suffering and in the process, he committed a while.

''Now we are going to process our visa before ahead of our Journey to Italy on December 25,'' he said.

Asked what he feels to become a superstar at a young age- '' Just one movie is going to make me a superstar I feel good and pray that I go on this way,'' he said.