Terry Jones Remembered by Michael Palin, John Cleese and More

Hollywood stars and comedy icons shared their favorite reminiscences in honor of Monty Python foundation member Terry Jones when news poor early weekday morning that he gave up the ghost at age seventy seven.

The Welsh comedian and movie maker, WHO directed several of Monty Python's classic films as well as "Life of Brian," died weekday when a battle with a rare variety of dementedness, his family told the Associated Press.

John Cleese, fellow foundation member of Monty Python, recalled the "greatest gift" Jones ever gave him.

It feels sad that a man of such a big amount of qualities Of his several goals, on behalf of me the best gift he gave US all was his way of - Cleese tweeted.

Michael Palin, another Monty Python alum, referred to as Jones "one of my nearest, most valued friends.
Terry Jones Remembered by Michael Palin, John Cleese and More

"He was kind, generous, verifyi and addicted to living life to the total," Palin aforesaid in a very statement to the U.K.'s PA wire service.

Stephen Fry, WHO performed with Monty Python in 2014, spoke of the "untrammeled joy" Jones dropped at the planet.

"Farewell, Terry Jones. the good foot has come back all the way down to stamp on you. What a beautiful talent, heart and mind," Fry tweeted.

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Neil Gaiman additionally shared some fond reminiscences of Jones, writing: "36 years past I met Terry Jones. i used to be meant to interview him. I asked for tea, thus he opened a bottle of Chablis & got Maine drunk. He was funny, sensible and honest. He was uncontrollable and is seen here restrictive the terribly young Maine. Rest in Peace, Terry. You were a plan."

Simon Blackwell, WHO wrote for "Veep," additionally chimed in with condolences.

"Lovely Terry Jones, the guts of Python. cacophonic Yarns remains thus gloriously funny, and Bert Fegg's Nasty Book For Boys & ladies created Maine laugh sort of a little fool once I was eight. terribly unhappy to ascertain him go," Blackwell tweeted.