Courtney Stodden Releases Statement Regarding Her Marriage

Doug Hutchison has hit back at Courtney Stodden's claims he "groomed" her.

The 25-year-old model reflected on the particular reality she was formally unwed  from the 59-year-old actor - UN agency she married once she was merely sixteen - in associate Instagram post on Tuesday (03.03.20, throughout that she claimed he had "taken advantage" of her and was "verbally abused" by her person throughout their wedding.

Doug - UN agency split from the blonde beauty in 2017 - has presently hit back, claiming Courtney's post was created in "retaliation" for his recent accusation she faked a gestation and ensuing miscarriage as how of getting attention and to make money by being obtained interviews.

His voice told TooFab: "FYI, Courtney got to altogether likelihood get the length of her wedding correct, (six years not ten).

Courtney Stodden Releases Statement Regarding Her Marriage

"I guess this could be all returning as a vindicatory effort for Doug finally returning clean regarding Courtney faking a gestation and miscarriage for money and promotional profit amongst various things that went on throughout their wedding.

"If it helps, I’d counsel you conduct an internet search where you'll notice, as recently as half-dozen months past, Courtney speaks publicly and on many occasions, glowingly regarding her relationship with Doug, and so on quite one occasion, publicly stating that she still white-haired him and wanted to reconcile their wedding."
In her Instagram post, Courtney claimed she was "completely unfree, manipulated and currently then abandoned" throughout Courtney Stodden wedding.

She wrote aboard a photograph of her and Doug: "It's March third, 2020 - these days I’m formally unwed  from actor Doug Hutchison. It's associate emotional day on behalf of Pine Tree State. God entirely is tuned in to but he's feeling, but i will be able to tell you that it's for the upper.

I have been frightened to even speak up regarding feeling sleek or being verbally abused throughout the close to 10 year we tend todding as a results of I wont to be a small fry and he was fifty once we married but i'm lady} presently and it's time on behalf of Pine Tree State to position my huge lady pants on and speak on this matter.

you've got left Pine Tree State -- a small fry girl, feeling diminished and confused. this stuff I shall overcome. i'd such as you well. but please don't ever do this to a unique minor another time. it is not right... although the parent signs off. Wait an honest amount of some time before marrying. children don't seem to be on your level. i will be able to frequently love you regardless. Be better. As shall I.