Evelyn Boswell - Remains believed to belong to 15-month old

Authorities believe they've found the remains of 15-month-old Evelyn Boswell, United Nations agency was according missing a touch over period past. Evelyn was last seen in Gregorian calendar month and police ab initio same last month they were work why it took see you later to report the child missing.

On Friday, Sullivan County law officer Jeff Cassidy same detectives received a tip that semiconductor diode to a property happiness to a "family member of Evelyn's mother."
Police can make sure Evelyn's identity when associate degree autopsy is conducted, Cassidy same.
The investigation remains active and in its early stages, officers same.
The discovery follows period of efforts from native, state and federal authorities to find the kid, navigating through interviews with a mother United Nations agency police same modified her story when she spoke to them.

The mother was in remission for giving false reports

Megan Boswell, 18, Evelyn's mother, was in remission in February and charged with one count of false reports, Cassidy same last month.
"During the investigation we tend to determined that a number of the statements Megan Boswell provided to America were false," the law officer had same. "Many of the false statements that Megan created delayed our investigation and conjointly obstructed our investigation on making an attempt to seek out Evelyn."

 Evelyn Boswell - Remains believed to belong to 15-month old

The law officer same the mother's story would amendment "every time" she spoke to police.
Boswell, United Nations agency didn't come CNN's previous request for comment, told CNN affiliate WJHL in an exceedingly Facebook message that she was pregnant and unable to require a medical instrument take a look at. however the sheriff's workplace same it did not use medical instrument tests. and therefore the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations told CNN she wasn't regular to fulfill with a medical instrument examiner from the bureau either.
Jail records discharged by the sheriff's workplace last month indicated Boswell wasn't pregnant, WJHL according.
Boswell has sole custody over the kid, associate degreed Evelyn's father is an active-duty military skilled worker stationed in Louisiana, officers have same.

Grandmother was in remission

Days when associate degree AMBER alert was issued for the baby, Evelyn's grannie was in remission aboard her fellow, when police same they'll have data concerning the disappearance.
Angela Boswell, 42, and William McCloud, 33, were found traveling in an exceedingly grey 2007 BMW in Wilkes County, North geographic area.

The two were charged with possession of transferred possession, per the Wilkes County Sheriff's workplace and were extradited to Tennessee. On Wednesday, Angela Boswell appeared in court for the property felony charge, wherever she told the decide she was having problem finding associate degree professional thanks to the "stigma" encompassing the case.
The decide reset the case to March twenty four.

She was according missing months when she was last seen

The TBI same it received a minimum of 890 tips in association to the case. however authorities eventually determined there had been no credible sightings, a voice with the sheriff's workplace same.
The young kid was last according seen Gregorian calendar month twenty six. She had blonde hair, blue eyes and was sporting a pink tracksuit, pink shoes and a pink bow once she went missing.
"We're conducting the investigation and clearly we've been reproval as many folks as we've are available in contact thereupon knew concerning the kid," Sullivan County Sheriff's workplace voice Capt. Andy Seabolt had told CNN affiliate WCYB at the start of the search.

As days slid, the reward for locating the kid topped  $71,000.
"We pray daily she is found, in physiological state and may be brought back and brought care of," her great-grandfather, David Jones, told WCYB.