Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari anounce divorce

The couple has collectively been AN outsized a part of Cavallari's reality show, "Very Cavallari," that follows her life and thus the promotion of her goods line.

Here's a look at the association timeline between dealer and Cavallari:

2009: the association that concerning didn't happen

In AN associate interview, Cavallari aforesaid dealer created the first move, however, that she wasn't fascinated by a relationship.

"I got a call from my publicist that Jay required to fly ME bent on Chicago and take ME out," Cavallari aforesaid. I had to Google him. I accustomed be inside the center of photography 'The Hills' therefore I accustomed be like, 'I do not need a young man in Chicago,' and passed on it."

In her book "Balancing in Heels: My Journey to Health, Happiness, and Making It All Work," Cavallari explained that she was collectively a touch creeped out by his initial raise.

Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari anounce divorce

2010: Sparks fly

Cavallari was in Chicago visiting her mother when they visited a Bears season game. She didn't bear in mind that the dealer had asked her out, however, her mammy did.

Cavallari aforesaid that she thought he was "really cute" when they finally met.

In her book, Cavallari wrote, "We enjoyed the time a pair of nights later, that began a swift and intense romance. I flew back to Chicago for a minimum of every amount. when we have a tendency to were apart, we have a tendency to tend to texted constantly, and he wrote ME the sweetest love emails. He was the durable, manly man I required but had a sweet, romantic side likewise."

April 2011: The engagement

Cavallari and dealer got engaged over Easter weekend within the United Mexican States once entirely eight months. Cavallari was aforesaid to be aghast by the proposal however happy.

Summer 2011: The breakup

The engagement didn't last long. merely three months once their engagement, multiple reports claimed that dealer had jerky with Cavallari, however, she set the record straight in her book.

Fall 2011: Reunited and it feels therefore smart

By the season of 2011, the strive was back on and better than ever.

Cavallari was a contestant on Season 13 of "Dancing With the celebrities." throughout one performance, the camera panned to dealer cheering her on. By Nov, the couple confirmed they weren't entirely qualitative analysis all over again, but collectively engaged.

"It was therefore silly," Cavallari told E! we have a tendency to tend to had merely spent however many days on which we have a tendency to were texting and somehow it came up, like, 'Oh, let's get married?' We're like, 'Yeah, OK.' then he sent my ring inside the mail. therefore I really had my ring sitting reception for one or 2 of weeks before I place it on."

2012: Baby No. 1

Two months once getting back on, the couple announced in a {very} very people magazine exclusive that they were having a baby.
 It's an out of this world time in our lives which we have a tendency to cannot wait to satisfy the new addition to our growing family."

Cavallari gave birth to her son, municipality Jack, on Aug. 8, 2012.

June 2013: Married finally

Wedding bells for the happy couple! The strive was lawfully married in a {very} very civil ceremony on solar calendar month seven before their solar calendar month eight wedding at the Woodmont Christian Church in Nashville (followed by a reception at the Houston Station). They were wed before 100 and fifty family and friends.

Cavallari aforesaid she would've been fine staying engaged forever, as her own parents' divorce created her hesitant to tie the knot. however, the birth of their son changed her mind.

2014: Baby No. 2

Shortly once their wedding, the couple tweeted that they were expecting baby No. 2 — Jaxon Wyatt dealer.

2015: Baby No. 3

Almost a year once the birth of their second child, the couple announced on Cavallari's app that baby No. 3 was coming.

"We're at it again! excited to announce baby selection 3 is on the way! The dealer crew merely keeps on growin'!"

July 2018: 'Very Cavallari' premieres

"Very Cavallari" premiered on E! on solar calendar month eight. the reality show gave viewers a look into the period of time of Cavallari as she balanced family and business.
Cutler, United Nations agency previously had a reputation inside the NFL for being slightly crabbed, became a star of the show, as fans gained a glimpse at his relaxed temperament and dry humor.

April 2020: Divorce announcement

On Apr twenty-six, 2020, Cavallari announced on Instagram that the trials were going their separate ways that during which.

"With nice unhappiness, once 10 years on we've returned to a young conclusion to urge a divorce," the reality TV temperament announce, in conjunction with an image of her and dealer.
This is solely matters of two people growing apart. we have a tendency to tend to lift everyone to respect our privacy as we have a tendency to tend to navigate this difficult time within our family."