Salman Khan’s co-star in Veergati Pooja Dadwal asks him for help to the symptoms

After seeking to facilitate from her ‘Veergati’ co-star Salman Khan to battle T.B., Pooja Dadwal is in hassle once more. in line with the most recent reports, Pooja has been plagued by cold, fever, weakness and conjointly has respiratory problems.

In a recent interview, Pooja disclosed that her health is obtaining worse day by day and she or he is showing symptoms of COVID-19. She is conjointly aforesaid that she has been borrowing cash from her friends however currently even they need to be refused to assist her.

Salman Khan

Salman Khan has been starting off to support and facilitate all those wedged because of the Coronavirus natural event. The actor is doing his bit to standby his individuals. Now, associate degree historian he has worked within the Nineteen Nineties is reaching dead set the beginning for facilitating. Pooja Dadwal, World Health Organization has worked with the actor in Veergati is seeking to facilitate from Salman when she has reportedly developed symptoms of COVID-19. This includes cough and cold. The historian disclosed that Salman has come back to her rescue within the past moreover.

Pooja has been experiencing cough and cold, fever, tiredness, SOB, pharyngitis, body ache and loss of style. However, she says she is not obtaining herself tested as a result of they're costly. She says that with the number spent on testing, she would rather obtain home necessities. The historian has already borrowed Rs five hundred to Rs one thousand from somebody and now's hoping Salman would facilitate her.

I have earlier asked for Salman’s facilitate and he came to my rescue. He helped American state with my treatment in Mumbai for 6 to eight months and later he took care of my living in the state. Today, another time I'm in the hassle and requesting his facilitate. I don’t desire to plead for facilitating every time from Salman however nobody else comes forward to support and facilitate except Salman. I'm another time in hassle Salman, please facilitate American state," she told
Before she rapt to state, Pooja reportedly shot for a show in Mumbai. She used the cash attained from the project on keeping the house running for the past 3 months.