Joey Chestnut sets record in Hot Dog Eating Contest

Joey Chestnut didn’t want a crowd or his nighest contender.

Instead, in one in every of the foremost uncommon editions of 1 of the foremost clearly Yankee traditions, the San Jose native cut down his one,1000th career hot dog, bust his own record by ingestion seventy-five dogs and buns in ten minutes and cruised to a thirteenth success within the Nathan’s Hot Dog ingestion Contest on a weekday.

“The hot dogs were very quick,” Chestnut same as he burped his means through a socially distanced post-contest interview on ESPN.

This being the coronavirus era, there have been no throngs of hot dog attire-clad fans packing the Coney Island paseo for the competition this Fourth of Gregorian calendar month.

Joey Chestnut

Just about everybody had to observe the event on TV, broadcast from a brick-walled space somewhere close to the paseo, with a restricted cluster of judges and media handy. Plastic barriers separated every one of the competitors, United Nations agency wore face masks as they stepped up to the recent dog table.

The oddly quiet atmosphere “kind of crept American state out,” Chestnut told this news organization. “It was totally {different|completely different} — everything is different.”
Just 5 eaters took half within the contest once 3 others were unable to contend due to self-quarantine restrictions big apple has enforced for guests because the virus explodes around the country. Matt Stonie, another San Jose competitive eater and also the sole man United Nations agency has defeated Chestnut at the recent dog ingestion competition since 2006, was among those that skipped over.

As a result, the event itself was even less of a competition: Chestnut beat second-place finisher Darron Breeden by thirty-three dogs.

In the women’s competition, the equally dominant Miki Sudo consumed forty eight.5 hot dogs and buns as she too blew away the sector to notch her seventh straight success.

The nearer contest was between Chestnut and his own record, set in 2018, of seventy-four dogs: “A man mounting against his own heritage,” as ESPN commentator microphone Golic Junior. put it.

The distinctive circumstances seemed to work to Chestnut’s advantage: He was ingestion in cool comfort instead of sweating through the competition within the summer sun, and with fewer competitors to cook for, he said, the recent dogs were freshmen and tasted higher as he wolfed them down.

Chestnut started at a blistering pace, averaging higher than ten dogs per minute through the primary 1/2 the competition.
But by the time he cut down dog range 2} with a bit quite two minutes left, marking the one,1000th in his competitive ingestion career, Chestnut’s pace had slowed considerably with no crowd there to pump him up.

“I hit a terrible lull,” Chestnut same. “I uncomprehensible the group at that time.”

He labored through, though, cramming the seventy-fifth hot dog and its water-soaked breadstuff into his mouth within the final seconds.

“Those last 2 minutes, I used to be able to nail it,” Chestnut same.