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Elly Shariat spoke solely Farsi once she affected to the United States from Asian nation as a lass. however once her father introduced her to "Jeopardy!" her world displayed.

Her pappa even paid her twenty five cents once she got answers right.

For several Americans, Alex Trebek felt like one in every of the family. several "Jeopardy! He created stars out of some contestants and lightheartedly needled them, too.

But for legion first-generation Americans and their families, Alex Trebek helped teach them English 5 nights every week.

Alex Trebek

"'Jeopardy!' was that wholesome show that you just ne'er had to be embarrassed to place on along with your migrator oldsters," Shariat told CNN. "It

News of Trebek's death at age 80 on, but 2 years when his identification with stage four carcinoma, has desolated viewers United Nations agency learned English by looking at him nightly on "Jeopardy!
Over twenty years of studies have shown that immigrants usually learn English from looking at TV, which reduces a number of the strain that comes with acculturation, or the method of absorbent  into the dominant culture.

"Jeopardy!"It's on basic cable, airs 5 nights every week when typical work hours and its subjects span history, the humanities and popular culture touchstones -- and, it's anchored by one in every of the foremost likable men on TV.

At least 2 people that learned English from "Jeopardy! Chinese migrator United Nations agency parroted Trebek to be told English.

Maia Regman, pictured left together with her family, treasures the recollections of looking at "Jeopardy!" together with her Honduran grandparents.

Several "Jeopardy!"

Larry Sulner, 23, was part raised by his grandparents. They spoke solely Hungarian then, however they tuned into Trebek's show religiously, he said.