Simple Trick to Get Into Your Car If You Locked Your Keys Inside

If you accidentally lock your car keys inside the car and can’t get in. don’t hurry to any rash decisions take a roll of broad duct tape cut the length of it and stick it vertically to the window glass. Now repeat it five or six more times sticking the lengths of tape next to each other. When done unstick the bottom parts of all the length on the window and ring them together in a single tail that you can hold and leave to hang for the time being. Now cut another five or six-length and stick them across the ones you have already stuck so that they hold fast.

Once everything is ready hold the tail you made previously and pull it down with a bit of effort the window will slide down a bit and you will be able to stick your hands between the glass and the frame to push it down further until you can get inside and fetch those keys. Not all of us are great parkers let’s face it.

You might have scraped your car a little now and then when you weren’t being too careful. Pick up a few of those awesome rubber chickens that squawk when you squeeze them warning you will look ridiculous but you will never scratch your car up again.

Okay get them out before parking and hook them up to the front and back corners of your car when you get too close to a post or wall or someone else’s car the chicken will belt out their epic song and if you keep going anyway they will act as a soft bumper to protect your paint job.

Leave your wipers up in the winter. It will prevent them from sticking to the windshield. So you don’t have to scrape them off and break the rubber. People warn against it because they say it ruins the armed spring and makes your wipers more vulnerable to thieves. But the wearing down the arm thing isn’t true the springs don’t lose their elasticity. Who’s going around stealing people’s wiper blades? If you were still going to keep the wipers down or you forgot to put them up on a freezing night run the ac. Because the cold air will defrost the windows just like the heating does. It works by dehumidifying the air. A great trick for when you’re heating is busted.

Actually, you can prevent your windshield from getting frosty in the first place. Spray a three parts vinegar to one part water solution on the windows the night beforehand. It will save you some scraping time in the morning. Your wipers will break down sooner or later even if you keep them up every winter. If the rubber is coming off and the metal arm is scraping your windshield. Just put a long sock on it. It’s a temporary fix but it works just get yourself some new blades ASAP. To save yourself some time and nerve on a winter morning protect your car doors from getting frozen overnight.

This happens because of snow that gets into the seals turns into water and freezes again there. To stop that vicious circle put cooking spray on all the inside rubber parts and then wipe off the extra with a paper towel.