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Easy Crafts and Hacks For Back To School

Easy Crafts and Hacks For Back To School. Class and early mornings come with significant challenges. Easy Hacks for Bright Life. So we are here to help you cut a few corners using nothing but quick thinking and a little craftiness. So did you forget to study for tomorrow’s algebra test? Cut an eraser down the middle without putting the blade through. Now cut the eraser the other way, taking a chunk right out of it. Once your chunk is out, lay it out flat and open-faced. Now take a glue stick and make both sides sticky. So now you can start writing any equations you need for an upcoming test on a small sheet of paper and stick it onto the eraser. Find this easy craft and hacks for your school study. Once it’s dry, fold it and closed. 11 Life Hacks That'll Change Your World One of your pens must have leaked black ink all over your stuff So here is the solution Think again, maybe your stuff isn’t completely ruined. Oh yes, that is the look of