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Makeup ideas – Blue bell and Glitter Gal

Blue Belle Bindi Peacock feather motif in the bindi is set off with copper stones Hand painted with turquoise blue glitter Eyes Copper eye shadow over the eyelids. Ivory highlighter along the lid line Deep black kohl dramatizes the inner eye Delicate extensions of black eye liner Turquoise glitter eyeliner heighten the drama Blush Natural plum Lips Softened by light plum creamy lipstick Glitter gal Bindi Three in one diamond pattern Eyes Pale pink and blue blended over the lids Lower lids lined with kohl Underlined with blue eye pencil A fantastic eye liner flourish drawn to create maximum impact A single diamond sequin sits at the end of each eye Blush Pale pink Lips Shone in pale creamy pink Makeup ideas – Blue bell and Glitter Gal Makeup ideas – Blue bell and Glitter Gal  

Makeup ideas – Cooling effect and Hip hues

  Hip hues Bindi – Real feather in magenta with dabka and stonework for a truly dramatic effect. Eyes – Black kohl pencil on the inside of the eyes Thin black eyeliner on the lower eyelids with magenta dots below Black eyeliner swept across the upper eyelids and extended towards the         outer corner give it a mysterious, sensual look. Blushes – Soft magenta Lips – Magenta gloss to complete the look. Cooling Effect Blind – multicolored stones with gold base arranged in a circular fashion Eyes – Ivory highlights Copper for the crease Accentuated by black mascara. Lips -   no liner Only copper gloss for a luscious effect. Cooling effec Hip hues

Spa out at home

A professional spa has everything required for the ultimate soak. Different spa related merchandise and accessories like body and skin care products, fragrances and perfumes, aromatherapy and massage oils, scented candles, tea-light holders. Bathrobes and jeweler plus soothing spa music sourced from all over the world. At the Cleopatra spa boutique for instance there is all this plus the stock is constantly upgraded to accommodate the latest preference and trends. But while going to a spa may a great luxury, it is not impossible to recreate similar luxury at home.  While Jacuzzis are not every home’s essential feature, a bath tub probably is. So it is best to maximize on it to create a relaxed bathroom setting. If you can install a glass door tub enclose to your bath. Make your own herbal bath bag Take a 12 inches circle of muslin and lay it out flat. Put a handful of herbs (either fresh or dried) and a few pinches of oatmeal or powdered milk in a pill on it. Tie it u

Eye make-up

This can be adjusting according to circumstances. One can wear a purple or violet shadow during summer. It depends on where the accent is and how dark or light it should be. It should complement your eyes and the way you dress. For example thus who have blue eyes should stay away from blue eye shadow because what show through is the blue eye shadow and not the beautiful blue eyes. Blue and green eyes can carry off grey, black and brown shadows more effectively than any other color. Black and brown eyed beauties can carry off dark-brown shadow or skin-tone colors for the day. Those with prominent eyes, especially, Arab and Indian woman, may apply a thin coat of eyeliner on top of the eyes. Just a coat of mascara below will complete the eye look in their case. Make-up for the eyes should always begin with a base shadow all over the eye in a very light color, either in light beige, iridescent pink or very light yellow. One can then work on this base with a darker shadow at the