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Business insider - What percent should you charge your phone

What percent should you charge your phone You know these days our phones are part of us. Well their magical devices because they can do many more things. Check out these tips and your phone can give bright life for you. Get rid of old apps  Occasionally taking a app into work or you are not using it you have more apps uninstall it from your phone.  It will free up space and your phone will run efficiently. Use low power mode This will help to find which apps are using more space. Doing this your phone will start to work faster than before. This feature helps phone charge very quickly. Also it stop the emails unnecessary apps and something running under the screen. If you are in an bad reception turn on airplane mode  Your phone search battery to another reception. Even it is not picking up any reception it will continue to search more. This will seriously drain your battery. If you know you in a area of bad reception turning on airplane mode will save your battery

How to speed up Wi-Fi at home

So we all have moment’s feels like we will live or die by our internet connection. Whether you have a client who need the all files right away or you need to fix your fantasy line up because you start to play god hurt you before your game time. The Wi-Fi connection in your home will either save or ruing your day. And everything your fridge to your decorations can contribute to allows connection. Let’s have a look at these common connection killers and how you can make sure all your good side watching experiences are buffer free.  1.        The microwave If you just bake a popcorn in your microwave the Chou down catching up on your favorite series. You may have to wait until its pop before hitting that play button. This is because both of your Wi-Fi signal and microwave oven operate on the same frequencies which is 2.4GHz.Every microwave should be properly shielded. So it doesn’t leak and radiation. But the fact is just about all of them leak electromagnetic and radio f

How to charge your laptop battery correctly

Now a day’s laptop is a common gadget in the all around the world. Tablet is the new tech that moving fast against the laptop. But the office workers and games lovers still use laptops for their works. The main problem is about the laptop, the battery lifetime does not exist long last. It has to change very quickly. When you do lots of work in your laptop same time the battery will death within 3 hours. Anyway a new laptop battery can use by the owner for 1 or 2 years.  We are going to discuss how to laptop battery a long time with saving it. If you read the title of this post correctly you will find the answer. Yes it is true that you plug the battery to charge for a long time your battery will get upset soon. This is the main reason why the battery has to change so quickly. So why that is keep reading this article continuously. The battery that you have in your laptop is made by lithium iron. This type of battery has good advantages. So lithium is an element not a ga

The competition of tech Manufacturers

 The current era was distinctly distinguished by technological advancement in relative fields. The year 2011 is surly the year of technology so is the year 2012 is expected. When talking about tech manufacturers we cannot forget mobile phone manufacturers as they all striding hard to compete each other. This race of competition led the mobile manufacturers into a new age of mobiles as every living soul on this earth is getting his hands on mobiles. The popular mobile phone manufacturing companies of 2011 were Nokia, Apple, HTC, Samsung, Lg, Motorola and Sony Ericsson. In 2010 the mobile phones started their new journey towards technological advancement which gives birth to new generation of mobiles. In 2011, Nokia improved its symbian operating system mobiles and introduced new levels of symbian OS while Apple also stood side by side with popular launch of iPhone series. The other companies used Google’s Android based operating systems and enter in t

Capture iPhone market

Android is a mobile operating system which was developed by Android Inc and later the firm was purchased by Google. Now, Android is aiming to take the greater market share of cell phone operating systems than any other cell phone. Right now, the leader in the market is supposed to be the iPhone, however people are quickly moving towards Google Android. According to an estimated figure, the market share of iPhone will be captured by Android, by the end of 2012. This is due to a simple reason that Android cell phones will be manufactured and supported by every cell phone company and the network providers too, whereas iPhone was only manufactured by Apple. Moreover, the Android phones are present in different prices and ranges. Recent statistics for a website showed that more traffic is attracted by the Android phones as compared to the iPhone. Visits for the Android users grew to almost 350 percent from the end of 2008 till the ends of 2009 whereas