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To buy toys for kids

  Toys are no longer just building blocks or dinky cars or dolls. There are a few things that one should keep in mind while buying them. Dos Always keep it simple buy toys that are fun to play with Look for toys that will grow with your child’s development Buy toys that have multisensory appeal, not just visual or hearing but also touch and smell. Invest in quality. Always look for international safety standard. Most importantly play with your child at least for a few minutes everyday Remember = Toys should help develop the chill’s social skills. Don’ts Buy toy that are recommended for older children. Toy should be according to the child’s age and ability. Buy toys that do everything on their own. Toys should simulate your child’s ability to think and encourage him to explore and discover his world. Buy cheap toy that do not specify safety guidelines as they may pose hidden dangers.Ignore warnings mentioned. Go for toys that have sharp or rough edges