Big bend national park

This is a very artificial place. In this big bend park there are so many ways to enjoy for the visitors. The special of this Big bend national park is it has largest protected areas.  If you interested in the wild life or the wild animals you can see lots of the animals there specially Chihuahua. 
Did you hear the name of Rio Grande before?  It is an international boundary. It is very famous. Rio Grande is a Spanish name Spanish people used to call Rio Grande, but today it become as an international place. The Rio Grand’s is the boundary line of the Mexico and the united sates.  Big Bend park is situated in the South west Texas. 

This Big bend national park is surrounded by with large area of more than 800,000 acres. Paved scenic drives comfort the big bend park. Native American group has represents the pale Indianan 10500 years ago. Also this is a prehistoric place. People used to find places to live near this big bend park. There are so many activities in the big bend park like bearding. Bearding is a very interesting subject in this park. If you visit this park you can find nature and very beautiful wildlife that you will love. Summer time is very hot in here. But the fall and spring is normally pleasant.