Iphone 4 - apple technology

I’m going to tell you about this new phone and what is it included. I get some information’s about this phone in the web today. And I find this phone 4 has latest features and the latest technology.  I’m going to give you the information I have found about phone 4.
Iphone 4 is from Apple Company. This phone is introduction to the market from 2 colors. One is and the other is white. This is and full touch phone. Iphone 4 has 8 GB capacity of itself.  It is a very slim phone. Slim phones are very popular in the market today.  It is 9.3 mm of thickness. This phone is including the Wi-Fi technology. And also digital compass itself.  Commonly it also has GPS.  Iphone 4 is supported to several languages. This phone has a max brightness of typical. 

It has a very wide screen and multy type of touch display that the size is 3.5 inches.  You can find EDR wireless technology. See the video geotagging, photos, led flash, 5 mega pixel cameras, and tap to focus video.  Iphone 4 has a very powerful battery it is standby time up to 300 hours. Also you can charge this battery through the usb port in your pc. This is a regargeble lithium ion battery. Iphone 4 battery stands for the video for 10 hours and the audio for 40 hours. 
You can play and enjoy all the types of audio formats here.  It is also include a TV.  Iphone 4 has Mac so x v 10.5.8 version.  You can use windows 7, windows vista or all the windows Xp packs.
In this iphone 4 packing you will find documentations, power adapter that work in usb, Apple earphone with remote and mic, connector to usb cables, and the Iphone 4.