Make money without online

So we will go to discuses about how to make money without online. Everyone need pocket money. Yes there is some several ways to earn money.
I’m going to discuses about one point about making money without online.  Actually I have joined this before several months ago. Now I have earned some of money from this system.  Some people make lots of money from this system. It’s depending on your work. The highest incomes in this system are live in Indonesia. He is Buddiman salim. This man earns $ 85000 for the month from this system.
So you also can join this system. I can strongly tell you this; there is no fraud or no scam in here.  The members of earning system don’t like to introduce this system to people.  This post is for success of everyone.
This is about 100% natural medicine foods. This medicine has several products. You can introduce these medicine products to the people and earn some money.
For a good understanding I like to tell you about how this system starts or its history.
There is a doctor born in china, his name is Linsiowe gin. He use to make so many experiments about mushrooms, how the mushrooms attacked to the human body. In chine’s books he find this medicine, in 3000 years ago the kings live for the long life from this medicine.  This is about special mushrooms, not the common ones.  Getting the information’s from that book and this doctor went to Himalaya in India and start doing some experiment about these special mushrooms.  From there he found the special and very powerful GANADOMA mushrooms form that place. Ganadoma has a power to kill the weak DNA in human body and built new ones.  It can cure all the weakness of the human body.
So this doctor brings this to the new technology and makes tablets and some more products.  So people use this medicine and get well from cholesterol, heat attacked, cancers, and blood pressure.
For the purpose of marketing they build a company call DXN in Malaysia 1993.  There are so many medical products in this DXN, not only the ganadoma.
The special thing about this DXN is, they don’t use advertisements for selling their products. They use the affiliate network system for this. The large volumes of companies spend 40% for their advertising, but DXN give that money to Affiliate who selling this product.