Vehicle branding – how to brand a vehicle

First I have to tell you this. I’m a graphic designer. And I’m working in an advertising company.  Branding the vehicles is very common thing in the world today.  Some company pay for the branding their ads on the vehicle. 
That main company pays to the advertising company. Then the advertising company search for a good condition vehicle and discuses with the owners to place the ads on their vehicles and pay for them.  Most owners that have new vehicles, they don’t like to give the vehicles for branding. But the one who have old vehicle like to place ads on their vehicles. Because they get money for it, plus vehicle painting and a new look. 
So let’s talk about a bus branding. This is a large branding.  When you get the old bus to your work shop. First take a look around the bus and mark the all damages. And take some photos of all 4 sides of the bus you going to brand. 

First scrap the al old sticker on the bus by a scrapper. And smooth it by a suitable sand paper.  Then mark all accident places and fill the potty for that places and smooth by a sandpaper by again.  Now the vehicle has no damages on the body, please make sure it. 

Now make the background color by spaying ink. Now you have to cover the head lights, windows, tires, and all the pars that you not going to spray. Now spray the background color of the vehicle and stay for a several hours to rims it. Then take all the measurements of the branding vehicle that you want to place the ads on the body. Now again take 4 photos of your branding vehicle and send them to your pc. 

Now open those photos by the Photoshop software. Now open the ads that you want to place on the bus body. Place the ads 1 by 1 to the photo that by customer needs. The give the actual sizes for those images. And save it by the tiff format. Now Tile that image by easy places that you can past. Now send it to a digital printer and print all the images. After that you have to laminate the all stickers. It gives the Branding for a long life.  Important thing is when you are tilling the image you have to place an overlap to register the images.  Now past it slowly to the bus body and complete the work. 

If you have long text or wordings. You can cut it by a sticker cutter and place it by aligning.