A PixHS technology with Aptina AR0833 sensor

The 8-megapixel image sensor for AR0833 with Aptina A PixHS technology announced the launch of Aptina. Aptina of new A PixHS combines a number of innovative features to enable a back-illuminated pixels design and an advanced speed sensor architecture technology. The new 1 / 3.2 "format 1.4-Mikron-Pixel-Sensor has the speed to capture the full 8 MP sensor resolutions at 30 frames per second or the simultaneous capture of the 8-megapixel stills and full HD video." In addition, the AR0833 "HDR Ready" is for photo and video applications, difficult high-quality scenes in conjunction with a processor of HDR capture. Designed primarily for use in the camera phones, the new sensor camcorder digital compact cameras for beginners can find and also his way to bag.

Aptina A PixHS ™ high speed BSI technology enables a new class of high-performance Smartphone cameras

Breakthrough 8MP image sensor brings HD video and digital still camera image quality for smart phones

SAN JOSE, California — (BUSINESS_WIRE) - Aptina, a leading supplier of CMOS image sensor solutions for tier 1 mobile device manufacturers and OEMs, announced today the launch of the 8-megapixel (MP) AR0833 image sensor with Aptina ™ A PixHS ™ technology. The new 1 / 3.2 "optical format of 1.4-Mikron-Pixel-Sensor has the speed to capture the full 8 MP resolution of the sensor with a fast 30 frames per second." Aptina of new A PixHS ™ technology combines the back Aptina pixel technology and an advanced high-speed illuminated sensor a number of innovative features to enable architecture (BSI). It is designed so that low Z height OEM camera modules to meet manufacturers of mobile devices. The excellent performance of the AR0833 delivers improved image acquisition capabilities for a variety of mobile devices, including the growing Smartphone market; the sound techno systems research co., Ltd. probably will grow 33% in 2012 and will account for 65% of all mobile phone shipments by 2015.

The powerful combination of BSI and high speed architecture enabling a new class of ultra-responsive cameras with excellent low light performance and artifacts shoot uncompromising performance in bright light without shutter lag and suppressed rolling shutter. NULL shutter lag is eliminated the annoying delay between when the camera shutter button is pressed and the picture is actually captured.

"The AR0833 sensor at the top of a new class of Smartphone cameras a better user experience on high-performance and fast frame rates offer for still image and video capture, concentrated," said Farshid Sabet, VP and GM of Aptina mobile business. "This new sensor is based on A PixHS ™ technology combines high sensitivity of second-generation BSI technology and innovative, high-speed-sensor technology for a complete solution that is fast, offers vivid video and image capture."

The sensor high operational speed enables advanced new image shooting options like HD video with simultaneous still recording and fast context switches. Simultaneous capture allows 8 MP image captured at the camcorder picture quality, full field of view 1080p HD video at 30 frames per second. Video performance is also improved by the need for the scene creating cropping or common "binning" techniques, the image artifacts. The sensor switch quick contexts have also removed shutter lag, switches the sensor between a low-power preview mode and a maximum still image. In addition, the AR0833 HDR for photo and video applications, capturing difficult high-quality scenes in conjunction with an HDR processor is ready.

The AR0833 is sampling now and will be in mass production CY Q2 2012. Available as standalone sensor for OEMs and manufacturers who have their own ISP, is off it fully imaging coprocessor for one with the Aptina, complete camera solution enables quick integration and provision of new designs on the market.

Aptina ™ A PixHS ™

A PixHS ™ technology combines Aptina of the back lit (BSI) pixel technology and a progressive high-speed sensor architecture enabling a new class of high-performance cameras. The BSI maximizes the efficiency, by inversion of the sensor the photo sensitive region closer put the light on the lens and by implementing advanced engineering techniques found covered by in AptinaTM A-PixTM technology with the pixels. The advanced speed sensor architecture leverages the speed and sensitivity of the BSI pixel to fast, to allow for vivid video and digital images.